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What makes us different?

Carnaby St Hairdressers is what we call a Team Based Systems Salon.

What does that mean for our guests, and what does it mean to our salon team?

Let’s start with the Team, as we believe a Happy Team, always leads to a Happy Guest.

Well first of all, we do not pay commission. No commission on services and no commission on products.  We compensate ourselves on a system of pay that equates to a salary. Our goal is to pay our team members good salaries, (including benefits) not usually associated with the Hair Industry. This means our team members are being paid hourly, regardless of appointments on their book. Quite simply, it allows our team to serve our guests according to their individual needs, and not to be concerned with pushing for sales.  We have found that our Team Members benefit greatly from this system

Secondly, how does this benefit our Guests?
First and foremost, it allows us to serve without the pressure of selling. Our team members can listen and recommend each individual guest’s needs. It also allows us to serve you better as a team, sharing more than one opinion on your new look, or sharing home styling tips perhaps.

It gives you the opportunity to get on the book if you need an appointment even when your usual Stylist is booked. As we are all trained with the same system, we are very happy to accommodate you. You never have to feel bad about seeing another team member within the salon for any reason. We are all here for you.

This also means our team can serve without the pressure of “upselling” or unnecessary ‘add-ons’ to your service. It is simply about you and your hair.

Likewise, when one of our team members offers to educate you on your home care products, it is truly about informing you on what we truly believe will serve you best at home.

Carnaby St is about people and great hair. Pure and Simple.

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